Effortlessly drying your body.

Aribody dryer uses innovative technology to effortlessly dry you before you leave the shower. The drying action is effective due to the air jets positioned vertically at different heights; maximizing thermal efficiency and ensuring the whole body is evenly dried.

Beneficial to your independence, hygiene, privacy, relaxation, warmth and comfort

Airbody Dryer
Close up view of air jets
Air body dryer system installed

The worlds first and only total body dryer.

AirBody Dryer

A unique in shower/wet room body drying unit using jets of warm air to gently dry entire body without stepping into the cold.

Unique design

World patented first using quality components tested to rigorous safety standards. Various colours available. Manufactured in white ABS plastic, British designed and manufactured, patented product.


Eliminates wet towels harbouring bacteria. Reduces steam and condensation with environmental benefits.

Mobility / Elderly

Practical solution for the frail and disabled. Saves bending, fall prevention and skin chafing. Retain independence minimising caregivers help.

Installation/Technical Specifications

Simple to install into shower cubicle / wet room by qualified electrician. Voltage: 220/240v, Amperage: 12, Nominal output 2.9 kilowatts, On/off air control switch can be mounted at any height (or on the floor). We recommend that the final electrical connection is carried out by a qualified electrician.

Temperature Control

Average air outlet temperature: 20°C (depending on ambient temperature). Hot air emitted from the body dryer can warm a cold bathroom and maintain air temperature after the water has been turned off. This helps to keep you warm during and after showering. Proven laundry cost savings.

How does it work?

The increase in airflow speeds up the rate of evaporation of water from the skin reducing the need to towel dry. The hot air also maintains a warm environment after showering which helps maintains a persons temperature while they dry.

Airbody Dryer x1 Speed
x2 Speed
Power off
Airbody Dryer Technical Drawing
Airbody dryer

Lateral thinking makes drying more effective

airBody drying action is far more efficient and effective than other methods of drying. airBody air jets work laterally at different heights from head to toe, maximising thermal efficiency and ensuring that the whole body is evenly dried.

  •  Gail Potroz
    The Air Body Dryer has been in for a couple of weeks now and after taking a couple of days to work it out, it is running perfectly. It has two speeds and takes approximately 4 minutes to dry a body. The machine is easy to use through an air switch which can be located on the floor or wall and you turn the machine on when you get in the shower then advance to the 2nd speed for drying. It is simple enough for a child to use. It is safe providing it is properly installed by a qualified electrician and, is easy to clean! The biggest advantage, I see, is the Body Dryer enables a disabled person to hold on to their independence and dignity. My husband, who has suffered with Parkinson’s Disease for the past 26 years, can now dry and dress himself. Previously, unless I assisted him, he wore wet clothes for half an hour. The time was fast approaching when I would no longer be able to cope with my husband and I would have had to look at the local DHB to send a Carer into the house for half an hour to shower, dry and dress my husband. That time window has now been pushed back quite a long way, a big saving for the DHB and he would be only one of many they attend to. For me, as a full time Carer, the biggest advantage is the time saved. Every minute of my day is precious and if I can save even 5 minutes through eliminating one job I am happy. With the Body Dryer I eliminate 3 of my usual jobs. There is the saving of not having to dry and dress my husband, washing towels, and cleaning down the shower frame (this is done while drying the body). An added bonus is the elimination of running a heated towel rail and heater, thereby reducing the cost of the monthly power bill. Providing a Carer through the DHB is costly and is paid from their already diminishing budget. The amount that could be saved through the installation of these machines would be enormous and allow that cost to be used in other important areas. I would like to see the Ministry of Health subsidise these machines and give other persons with disabilities, and their Carers, the opportunity to take advantage of all the savings it provides. Not only in the home of a disabled but also in Rest Homes and Hospitals. The machines target areas are endless.
    Gail Potroz
  • Tracy Ashford
    We will not be able to install the air Dryer until we move into the new house but it will be an absolute godsend for Oliver. He still has problems with co-ordination and balance as a result of his injuries and drying himself after having a shower can be difficult. I like to say a huge thank you to Matthew – he approached us out of the goodness of his heart and it is such a nice gesture.
    Tracy Ashford
  • St Helens, Merseyside
    I used none of my energy to get dry, just pressed a small rubber switch with my toes, and really enjoyed the sensation.   My Apres Shower fits beautifully into a corner of my shower tray, looks very elegant there.  It gives me great delight.
    St Helens, Merseyside
  • Bolton, Lancashire
    Having had one of your hot air dryers installed for fifteen months, I thought I would write to say what a boon it is to my wife who is severely disabled with rheumatoid arthritis. I always use the drier myself, and when away in a hotel for a few days recently, I found it a real nuisance to have to use a towel to get dried after a shower.  Thank you for inventing and marketing such a useful appliance.
    Bolton, Lancashire

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